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Shana's Top Supplements

Onnit Hemp Force

Plant based protein supplement that supports an active lifestyle. Delicately sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, this low-glycemic, high fiber blend makes insanely delicious smoothies. Getcha some!

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Best tasting and dissolving aminos out there! Amino acids supplemented throughout the day help recover faster, preserve lean muscle, and improve exercise performance. I sip on mine throughout the day.

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Onnit Krill Oil

Krill Oil - Superior to fish oils, krill oil is vital for brain function and aids in body fat loss when taken regularly. Click for more info

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Matcha Chia Latte - I can't even believe this is healthy for me. If you like green tea lattes, this healthy antioxidant packed version is for you! Even if you don't like them, try this, and you will.

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MCT oil - Derived from coconut oil, I like using this healthy oil to cook, or to make healthy lattes for breakfast. I have a video of me doing this in my members area. I have a healthy latte every morning! Best part of waking up.

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Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Instant - Supports memory, focus, and processing speed. An instant drink mix, I'm addicted to being smarter and faster with my Alpha Brain Instant. Peach flavor is bomb.

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Key Minerals

In formulating Key Minerals, we combined two of the best known minerals, calcium and magnesium, with two important trace minerals, iodine and molybdenum, to support total body health. This supplement is great for restoring key minerals depleted during very intense training. Helps in recovery and you sleep better.

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Earth Grown Nutrients

Getting the optimal amount of greens each day can be challenging. Earth Grown Nutrients (EGN) contains 5 unique blends of ingredients designed to help you reach your daily greens goal in one convenient and delicious drink mix. Lemon mint flavor is the biz.

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Stron Bone

Strontium is a key mineral which naturally occurs in the bones, but only recently has its amazing benefits in helping the body promote strong, healthy bones been documented. Designed to help the body with building bone strength and structural integrity. Glucosomine, MSM, and mineral complex.

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